Where is the bus heading?

Let's say you want to travel to a particular destination in your country, travelling by bus. At the bus station you would make very sure that the bus that you are boarding is the right one - how? well, by looking at the sign on the front of it of course. Then, when you arrive at your destination, will you be surprised when you arrive at your chosen destination? Of course not! after all, you boarded the bus to that destination...if you wanted to go elsewhere, you should have established beforehand where you wanted to go and boarded the bus to that destination.

So it is with us in our Christian walk. We need to establish very carefully where we are on our way to, before we board the bus. We cannot board a bus for a specific destination and then be surprised when we arrive there, because it is not what we thought it would be. There are many buses for us to board - Some say 'happiness', others say 'peace'. Still others say 'a better me' or 'prosperity'. In our Christian walk, God Himself should be the place we want to arrive. There are many 'christian' buses to board, but sadly, they do not all all lead to God Himself.

Ask your leader (Christian bus driver!) "Is this bus heading for God? Will this bus get me closer to God" and if the answer is anything else, let it go. It is God Himself that is the only destination we should be interested in and any church activity, never mind how noble it sounds, if it will not bring us closer to God it is a useless exercise...

There are many so-called christian buses out there for you to board. Only some have God and fellowship with Him as their only destination, so choose carefully! It is Him we want to be with because in Him all those other things that we so desperately search for, are found.