The true Church vs the false church


Characteristics of the false church:

  • It wants to always be politically correct
  • It tries to be 'relevant' in the world
  •  It uses the world's marketing methods and management techniques
  •  Its 'life' is found in the social interaction between members
  •  The money it receives is used to maintain organisational structures
  •  Its youth programmes focus on entertainment
  • Its counselling is psychology
  • Leaders in the church are chosen because of their social profile
  • It is an extension of the secular world

Characteristics of the true Church:

  • Its focus is on spreading the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ
  •  It stands in opposition to the world and its methods and techniques
  •  Its 'life' is Christ Himself
  •  Its members are brought into a living relationship with Christ
  •  The money it receives is used for spreading the Gospel
  •  Its youth programmes focus on studying the Word of God
  •  Its counselling is by the Holy Spirit through the Word of God
  • Leaders in the church lead Spiritually
  • It is an extension of the Kingdom of God

To which church do you belong...?