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Carefully discuss the following:

The primary purpose of this study course has been to bring us to a position that is radically different to what is popularly accepted as salvation. In the beginning of this course we emphasized that God does not exist for us. He is NOT there for me. I must be there for God. God has created me for HIS purposes. The reason for psychological problems and most psychiatric abnormalities, except for organic causes, is very basic.

People are unsettled and discontented.

This means that they have not found the authentic raison d’etre (i.e. the purpose or reason that causes or justifies my being alive)

1. Can you . . .  Give any sound reason or purpose for your own existence
apart from God ?

2. Give any sound reason why God should help you fulfill a raison d’etre that
you have convinced yourself is the reason for your existence? If you can
please state it below...


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