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So far we have worked through in a practical manner three of the five elements that are present in the work of salvation. First, Repentance which comes about when the Holy Spirit brings an ordinary normal human being under the conviction of his or her extreme sinfulness. Agreeing completely with God’srevelationofeachsin opens the way to forgiveness, cleansing and restoration to fellowship with God.
Second,Receiving Christ which gives us the right to, the power and ability to become children of God.
Third,  Reflexive Obedience which, without receiving Christ, is not in our nature at all.

None of the above is humanly possible.

• Not true repentance from the heart,
• Not, consciously, the desperate need to receive Christ and
•Not reflexive obedience that comes from the heart to obey our
Lord Jesus Christ.

In Book Two and Three we learnedthat the following comes from being
separated from fellowship with God:

•Jealousy and envy,
•Hatred, bitterness and resentment,
•Life-dominatingandbesettingsins such as the importanceof the opinions of people, drink, drugs,
homosexuality, pornography, sleeplessness, guilt, worry, divorce, rejection, etc.

We learned that God alone is the source of that energy that is able to free
us from all these bondages stated above.

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