Telos Life Course Book 2: Receiving Christ - Introduction          Back to TLC Home

This starts with a prayer that you could make your own:

Almighty God, I come to you as one who has wasted a priceless life, a life that I dared to call my own. Holy Father, I have lived all these years only for myself; I have lost all perspective.  I do not know what life is about. I confess with shame  that I have also assumed that You exist for me. I did not care to know that You created me for your own purposes and for Your eternal glory. I have defiled and messed up this life that You created. I have treated it as something cheap and common, a life that is more precious than all the silver and gold in the world, a life for which Christ died. From my youth, whatever I did or planned, I automatically asked myself, “What is in this for me?”  When I first gave my life to You, I don't know what I did, but I did not really repent because I did not fully submit to your control.  When I received You into my life, I also wondered what was in it for me.  When I worship, pray, witness, make my offering to the Church, or study the Scriptures, that same motive is in mind. I have often thought of You and treated You as some kind of servant who exists for my benefit.  You are always in the background of all I do or think.  Lord that is the problem:  I must always be in the background and I must live only for You.  Then, I will be honestly Yours. Please Lord, by Your Holy Spirit, bring me to full repentance.  Change all my ways, actions and thinking until in all things I am concerned about what pleases and honours You and produces fruit to your glory.  I ask this for the sake of Your Son who died in my place that I may live no longer for myself but entirely for You.


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