The Telos Principle

Salvation is too often taught and accepted as an ‘end’ in itself (the term ‘end’  is used for ‘goal’ or ‘destination’ - in Greek it is ‘telos’ ). When salvation is taken as an end in itself, then the failure of the Law in the Old Testament is again repeated in the New Testament. The Law and the Gospel of Salvation are both ‘means’ to exactly the same ‘end’. When a ‘means’ becomes an ‘end’ in itself, it fails to fulfil its purpose. 

The Law and the Gospel of Salvation are both “means” to bring you to God, which is its purpose or “end”. This gives a new direction to life. This continually, meaningfully and drastically changes the total person. This applies to the church as well.

Many churches today are deteriorating in this regard, no longer fulfilling its original purpose of growing people in their relationship with God and preparing them for eternity. The church and religion has become an end in itself, giving people the false expectation that as long as they are members of a 'christian' church and involved in some charitable work, they are 'Christian'. This will prove to be a false hope for many...