Scriptural Gem for January 2012

In Genesis 15:1 we read "...and the Word of the Lord came to Abraham, saying..." and again in Jeremiah 1:4 " ...and the Word of the Lord came to me saying..." In both these instances and many similar ones throughout the Old Testament, the Hebrew term for 'Word' is 'DBR'. Now in 2 Samuel 9:4 we read about a grandson of Saul named Mephibosheth who lived in a town called Lo-DBR. There is a footnote here in most Bible translations indicating that the name Lo-DBR means 'nothing'. The 'Lo' in Hebrew means 'none', so the inference here is that the concept of nothing is defined in terms of having 'no Word'. It gets even more fascinating when we see that the term Kol-DBR in Hebrew is used to denote 'everything'. The meaning of 'Kol' in Hebrew is 'lots of something'. So, the Hebrew language indicates that if you have no Word from God, you have 'nothing' and if you have lots of Words from God, you have everything!

That is why Paul, who was a Hebrew, could write about himself: 'having nothing, yet posessing everything'. Perhaps we should re-evaluate in our own lives what we describe as having 'nothing' or 'everything'. We may well have an abundance of material things, but according to the Hebrew language, if we do not have a Word from God, we have nothing...

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