Scriptural Gem for February 2012

In Jeremiah 5:10 we read: "Go up within Jerusalem's walls and destroy her vines, but do not make a full and complete end. Trim away the Tendrils of her vines, for they are not the Lord's." The Hebrew word used here is 'Netiysha' which specifically means 'Tendril of a vine'

The following, taken from the Encyclopedia Britannica, gives us a clear picture of what a Tendril does:

"Tendrils are prehensile and sensitive to contact. When stroked lightly on its lower side, the tendril will, in a minute or two, curve toward that side. As it brushes against an object, it turns toward it and—the shape of the object permitting—wraps about it, clinging for as long as the stimulation persists. Later, strong mechanical tissue (sclerenchyma) develops in the tendrils, thus rendering them strong enough to support the weight of the plant. In addition to their twining character, some tendrils produce terminal enlargements that, on contact with a firm surface, flatten and secrete an adhesive, firmly cementing the tendril to the substrate"

Judah's 'Tendrils' were obviously wrapped around all sorts of other supports and she was clinging to these instead of God alone. Hence the Lord's instruction to the invading army to 'Trim away her Tendrils'. As we can see from the above, Tendrils (and we have those too!) just naturally seek something to hold on to. Perhaps we need to ask the Lord to 'trim away our Tendrils' so that it may be revealed whether we are clinging to Him alone, or whether our Tendrils have imperceptibly wrapped themselves around other things...

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