Scriptural Gem for April 2011

In Genesis 15:6 we read: "...Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness". Some versions of the Bible has 'imputed' for 'credited', but it is in the original Hebrew that we find the true illustration of what is meant here. The word translated 'credited' or 'imputed' is the Hebrew word 'Chashab' (pronounced Khaw-shab), which literally means 'to weave, to plait, to interpenetrate' (see Strongs 2803).

The true meaning of this passage is thus: "and Abraham believed God and God wove His righteousness into Abrahams life'. God wove Himself into Abrahams life, interpenetrated Abraham's life, because he fully believed Him. This is in stark contrast to many people's lives where God is merely 'stitched on' as an attachment, and the stitching comes loose very easily...

What a wonderful prospect for you and for me - Let us pray even now: 'Lord, I believe you! Weave yourself into me, into every fibre of my being!' Amen.

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