Recommended Reading:

There is no substitute for God's revealed Word to the heart of the believer, so personal and group Bible study preceded by prayer for God to open our eyes and ears to receive a living Word is of paramount importance. However, below is a list of books that we recommend as reading for those who are serious about intimate fellowship with the living God. These books will not teach you more about religion, nor will they introduce you to some new 'spiritual' technique or latest church growth gimmick borrowed from the world. In many cases they will probably not tell you what you would like to hear. However, they will bring you, as all worthwhile Christian books should, to God Himself...

Christianity is not a Religion                  James Fowler          Download in pdf

The Calvary Road                                       Roy Hession

The Knowledge of the Holy                        A. W. Tozer

The Pursuit of God                                     A. W. Tozer

God's Pursuit of Man                                  A. W. Tozer

The Indwelling Life of Christ                      Major Ian Thomas

The Saving Life of Christ                            Major Ian Thomas

The Christian Counsellor's Handbook        Dr Jay Adams

My Utmost for His Highest                            Oswald Chambers