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Sustained by what we do not know!

God's fire or your own?

Calling God names...

Touching devoted things...

The best Marriage Counselling - from Genesis 2!

It's not a relationship, it's an indwelling!

'Stealing' from yourself

We believe what we want to believe...

The Morning Star

Where is all the gold Hezekiah?

Breath of 'lives'?

When God brings you down...

Tested and Approved

What is your name?

'Cut to the heart...'

'Cutting' a covenant with God

The 'measure' of faith God has given you?

'You prepare a table in the midst of my afflictions...'

'Calling on' the Name of the Lord

Call me 'Mara'...

'We want to go back to Egypt!'

A Living Word

The problem of Death

The Seamless Tunic

Forgiven and Forgiven

The cries of God's heart

Cure for an unrepentant heart...

'Manifestation' not 'Gift'

Transformed or Transfigured?

There is no 'have'. There is no 'mine'.

The 'Grace' to 'Works' switch!

The true purpose of Sacrifice

God's Poem

The 'Mirror' of God's glory

The 'desires of our hearts'

'Overcome' by God

'Husband', not 'Master'

The 'Sabbath Rest' of God

'Fusion' in the Synagogue

Faith - a response to revelation

God does see!

'Devotion' vs 'Dedication'

What does it mean to worship in Spirit and in Truth?

So what is faith then?

A way of escape or strength to stand?

Conceived from above...

Magnify the Lord?

A Nobody from Nowhere - Dale Epp

Christ in Me - Dale Epp

Listening and Hearing

What to Pray?

Authentic Obedience

Our daily bread?

Waiting on God (Part 1)

Waiting on God (Part 2)

Blessings and Curses

Trusting God?

Morality vs Christianity

True Worship

Who is good?


The Narrow Gate


What is a Testimony?

To Confirm

'Plans' in reverse?


Kids Talks

Morality vs Christianity (Kids Talk)

Who is good? (Kids Talk)

Imitators (Kids Talk)

Life! (Kids Talk)

The Narrow Gate (Kids Talk)