If God is not the goal, He automatically becomes a means to whatever is your goal...'

This statement lies at the heart of our ministry. Church activity today focuses on countless social and environmental issues and making this world a better place. God has become simply an instrument to enhance human life on earth.  This is the very basis of pagan religion, where the worshippers 'set up' their gods to serve them.

In many so-called christian churches across the world, social service and fulfilling the needs of a secular community, has become the reason for its existence. Ask anyone in the street these days what the purpose of the church is, and they will answer 'Community service, of course...' and no wonder, because globally, in a quest for 'relevance' and survival, that has become the new goal of the church. Worst of all, this is done in the name of "Making Jesus Christ known in the community". However, far from what true Christians would understand by this statement (spreading the Good News of Salvation) it is a purely humanist effort to "promote love and goodwill among all peoples". 

It is not surprising then that church members are very busy, but spiritually bankrupt - not being built up in their relationship with God which is the true purpose of the church. Heading for Him is a ministry which calls God's true (remnant) church back to the very reason it exists - God Himself. The question that we need to ask ourselves regarding any activity or program in the church is "To what end?" and if God Himself is not the goal, then it is not worth pursuing...

Dear Brother and Sister in Christ, our charitable acts, our kindness, our Christian service, is an outflow of Christ living in us, not things that we are to pursue as 'goals' in themselves. This presupposes a living and real relationship with God the Father, having been reconciled to Him, through Jesus Christ and being filled with the Holy Spirit. Seek Him and a closer walk with Him, and all these other things will flow from that. Make Him your only goal.